Historic Landmarks & Locations we have visited along with pictures on research click on photo for larger size. I will try to add historical data and interesting facts as we progress….

Ybor City: Tampa’s Cigar City, rich in tradition , culture and old buildings with history. Founded in 1886 by shrewd business man Don Vicente Martinez-Ybor to move his cigar factory from Key West to Tampa. The rest is history….Do unknown entities still wander Ybor City? Only evidence and data will help you make your own decision!

Taken from :“Known as Tampa’s Latin Quarter for over a century, Ybor City is an exotic blend of aromas, flavors, sights and sounds.  From the scent of roasting Cuban coffee early in the morning to the rhythms of Latin music late into the night, Ybor is a feast for the senses.
Choose from a variety of cuisine – Spanish, Cuban, Italian, Greek and French – just by strolling down La Setima, the main street of the Historic District.  Share authentic tapas and a pitcher of Spanish sangria in a café atmosphere reminiscent of a Mediterranean village.
Browse eclectic shops and art galleries or visit one of the museums.  See a “hand-rolled cigar” being made or just relax and “people watch” with a cup of  Ybor’s famous cafe con leche.
Listen to the music of the night – jazz, blues, salsa, reggae and even hip-hop emanate from a selection of pubs, patio bars and nightclubs.  Ybor is alive with a variety of entertainment that makes it one of Florida’s top-ranked nightspots.
Founded by Vicente Martinez-Ybor as a cigar-manufacturing center, Ybor City today is one of only two National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida.  Red brick buildings, wrought iron balconies and narrow brick streets give it an old-world charm that is a refreshing change of pace from the beach and the mall”

Ybor Square

Don Vicente Inn “Hotel Hell”

Very interesting cat in window that we dont recall seeing or hearing at any time.

Interesting Banner being displayed.

Look what We found….look to the left of my finger and see the red apparition swirling

“Who is the Daikaiju? Kabuki men deliver most high rocket music. Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud Roken-Roll for earful pleasure! Impressive radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound, divine psychedelic wind for your special liking. Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!” taken from website…

Edgar Alan Poe Museum Richmond VA: CherBear was at the Poe Museum taking some pictures and captured more interesting data!

Poe Museum

CherBear & ??????


Ehren’s Community Cemetery: Located in Land O Lakes Fl north of Tampa, this old Saw Mill commmunity is the resting place for the Muller family. We saw the infamous “Lady in the Chair” and captured multpile light anomolies and orbs. Look for the video soon!

The Chair


French Quarters NOLA: Bourbon Street is full of wild and wacky locations! Full of Hot Spots! We visited the Lafayette graveyard, Saint Louis Graveyard#1, The Cats Meow & more!, special thanks to Le Bayou for letting us go back upstairs!

VooDoo Queen or Princess?

Royal Sonesta Hotel, Bourban Street

Former Slave Quarters at The Cats Meow

Lafayette Cemetary #1

General Harry T Hays CSA

Italian Club Ybor City: Home of the Cigar City Mafia back in the Golden Era where known mob bosses frequented and shoot outs happened often in the streets.

Le Unione Italiana

Italian Club Ybor City

Lake Carroll Cemetery: The feeling at Lake Carroll Cemetery was very peaceful and calm. Didnt have a scary nor creepy feeling to it, we were possibly contacted by some entitities confirming it a possible “Hot Spot”

What do you see?

Apparition forming close by.

Lutz Cemetery: Located right off Hwy41 the open cemetery had some interesting resting spots and I had multiple readings on App & Boxes

Lutz Cemetery

Free Mason

Entity caught on CherBear’s night vision camera

Two entitys(11:o’clock glowing orb, also forming from the ground another apparition pose with Negdog after asking to take a picture with him

Oak Grove Cemetery: The thick and dense air at Oak Grove was felt immediately and our emf and boxs were going bezerk. Amazing pics captured on 35mm & digital cameras corresponding with emf spikes amd multiple readings. Further investigations to follow.

Oak Grove Cemetary est. 1890

Entity caught on my Minolta QTsi Maxxum 35mm

Streamers caught on 35mm

Oak Lawn Cemetary: The wide open location has street access all through out. The spirits run free 24/7 and we aptured multiple orbs on numerous pictures. Very calm and friendly feeling.

Beautiful Pillar Orb Captured by Cher Bear

What can you see?

Entities at Front Gate

Richmond, Virginia: CherBear ventures on her own to some historic locations in Richmond including the RichHaus Brewery & famous Read House where she caught some entities at the doorway.

Read House Ballroom

RedRum scratched above Room 311 door

Haunted Staircase

Multiple apparitions, Rich Brau Brewery Richmond Virginia

Rose Hill

Another Orb captured by CherBear

Saint Louis Cemetery #1: Home of the voodoo queen and her daughter and many Italian Mosoleums. Very unique yard with a cramped feeling….

VooDoo Queen or Princess?

Sulphur Springs Tower: Located in “The Springs” the “Tower” had many rumors and legends behind it including speculation that it was once on pirates tresure maps…..Our data concluded otherwise. Although it does have some strange day time activity. Once a watertower for Tampa and part of the old drive in movie theatre and amusement park, home of Floridas first “indoor mall”.

Grand Opening

Received some readings on the GR-C app

Inside the locked Tower

Sulphur Springs Tower

Sulphur Springs Tower “Sealed Shut”


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  2. Hey, I have had quite the few days the highlight is a photo I took at our “a little more scary now” rehab home, please take a look at this if you can it is a room height vortex like opaque mass which covers half of an open closet, I need a real opinion please could you take a look thanks…………

    August 13, 2012 at 04:52

    • Very strange looking vortex, i do see the short apparition of what could be a girl in the back of the closet. Can you take a baseline photo during the day so I can compare the 2. Can u give me the street address of this house so I can research the land history? I would say this is a great picture along with your personal experience. Neg

      August 13, 2012 at 14:56

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